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All Tejas Products have a One (1) year warranty from date of shipment

All Products are made in Mesquite, Texas

Tejas Power Saver Circulators

Includes set point adjustment for temperature, Large Digital readout for solution temperature and set point, Freeze protection, Warning indicators for low water, low temperature, pump on/off and chiller on/off, provision for water level control when useing a chemical mixing system, Indepentdent vacuum returns for each pan and all hose and hose clamps to make connections to press.

Five (5) sizes available, 5, 10, 15, 20, 40

Below is a chart showing that we have some of the smallest foot prints of any chiller system. The chart also shows the different sizes of chiller packages available in each cabinet size. Independent vacuum returns range from One (1) to a maximum of twelve (12) related to cabinet size. Pumps range in size from 1/12 HP to 1/2 HP. Larger chillers can be used as a common reservior for the entire press or smallers chillers can be used in groups, one (1) for each color. All contact surfaces with the fountain solution are either stainless steel or plastic. 

Royse Replacement Pump

Royse Replacement Pump (RRP) is a direct replacement for Royse (TRESU) and MG Electric, at a lower cost. This is also a replacement for Dahlgren Pumps. Provides both pressure supply and vacuum return.